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History of Islam - Othman Ebn Affan

History of Islam - Othman Ebn Affan

History of Islam - Othman Ebn Affan
History of Islam - Othman Ebn Affan
Othman Ebn Affan lived a great life full of struggle and faith. He converted to Islam in its early stages and became a supporter for the Prophet Moahmmed peace be upon him. He said once, “One day I was the quarter of Islam, and my wife was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. When my wife died, I married another daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and when she died, the Prophet told me that if he had one hundred daughters, he would let me marry them, and that is why Muslims called me Zal Al Nurein. I never fell in Zena mistake and I never worshiped a god, but Allah even before I converted to Islam. Every time I went to pray Al Jumaah, I used to free a slave before the prayer, and this is how I lived”.

History of Islam - Othman Ebn Affan

When Othman Ebn Affan became the Caliph, he eliminated the Fors empire and eliminated the domination of the Romans on the east, so that Muslims can carry the flag of liberty to the whole world. He spread freedom on earth and he let anyone worship whatever god he believe in, without thinking about forcing people to enter Islam. Othman established a community based on freedom and victory, and he established an organized Islamic managerial system.

It was important for him to think about the enemies of Islam, before thinking about the allies. It was expected that non Muslims who hate Islam, will be preparing several attacks against the Muslim community and he was well aware of that, so he took all the needed actions to eliminate such enemies, before they negatively affect the Muslims world.

It wasn’t easy to fight Al Fors or the Romans, especially after the death of Omar Ebn Al Khattab, because Omar’s death affected the army very badly. Actually the death of Omar affected the whole Muslim world, but Othman Ebn Affan managed to gather the strength of Muslims again, before they surrender to weakness. He managed to save Muslims and Islam from several attacks and he never forgot to add more strength to the nation because this is what the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him wanted.

I want all of us to look deeply into the situation Othman Ebn Affan faced when he became a Caliph. Othman came to the position, when all Muslims were in a weak condition and in sadness because of the death of Omar Ebn Al Khattab. Othman‘s patience and wisdom helped him to take the hands of all Muslims and unite them to face the threats and the enemies who continued to prepare for attacking Muslims. It wasn’t easy at all, but Allah supported him and all Muslims were behind him. I hope we can see the Muslim world these days united behind one man who can take us to victory.

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